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Dentistry needs a major overhaul

Dentistry in this country needs a major overhaul-(After reading the following, decide for yourselves.)

Story was reported on
(There are concerns tonight that the lead found in Chinese toys may also be showing up in implants, crowns and dentures from China and India. The imports aren’t strictly regulated and have made some people sick. There are no laws requiring dentist to tell you where they buy the products, but Florida lawmakers are pushing for full disclosure.
Dentists charge patients over $1,000 for a crown. Many labs in the US charge dentists about $95.00 to construct the crown. The greedy dentists feel that paying $95.00 is too much and send their crowns out to China or India to be constructed for $35.00-$45.00.
The following is further example of their greed:
I personally invented a dental appliance the media called the snap on teeth. After my appliance was aired on NBC news stations in 2004, (Video , it became an instant hit. Soon after, few dentists determined to cash in on the popularity of my appliance presented a plastic appliance that has been around for thirty years and mostly used in movies to create various characters. Robin William’s appliance in the movie Ms Doubtfire broke several times during filming, (or so I hear). My appliance has metal chewing surface, is very durable and it took me ten years to develop. Their so claimed invented appliance showed up a month after mine. How can something of quality be developed in such a short time. The reporters who reported the story on the plastic teeth did it without any investigating and their actions caused many patients to be scammed out of their hard earned money. The following are comments from patients that got ripped off:
“I went to NYC and wasted $1500 for a lower piece that looks like a toy for Halloween. I had to pay up front and when I picked them up and had them placed in my mouth, the whole office staff raved how real and beautiful they looked. The more I looked at them, the more I hated them. It also hurt. When I removed them, I though my teeth were going to fall out. I called the next day and wanted my money back. I couldn’t handle how FAKE they looked and my family and friends agreed. When I went to the office, the Dr. was a jerk and everyone was so different. How dare he sell a piece of plastic toy for $1500. To make this miserable story short, he refunded $500 and I had to sign a paper. I hope he gets caught and exposed real soon. I won’t say his name, but since there are only a couple of them using the same appliance and story, I would hope they all meet with law suits soon. I work hard for my money and I feel I have been robed and he got away with it and continues to do so.
“Hi Guys I live here in New York and was very interested in the snap-ons until I went to see Dr “I will not go back to again”. 1st of all they told me that the consultation visit was free. But when they told me that it will cost me 2,700 for the upper and lower and I will have to pay up front, no refunds, I didn’t want them. They charged me $100.00 for the 2 minutes of consultation.”
“These are a complete joke. Don't waste your time or your money unless you want to look like a circus freak. I'll be lucky if I get back even half of my bill. I called the dentist 4 hours after leaving because granted the time I allowed to get used to it, I still hate them every time I look at them. I had to take them out. Point in case: Snap on teeth are just that; Snap-On teeth. So if it's too good to be true, it probably is.”
“They look like a big hunk of white plastic stuck to your mouth.”
“They are not worth the money, I wasted mine. And I am angry.”
“I heard that they could make it look like any celebrity’s teeth (or maybe that was something else) Well, I live near New York, and I heard that "Snap on teeth" actually look like "Snap on teeth". And after seeing them, I was really disappointed.”
“My snap on smile looked huge and the dentist told me I will get used to them. At work, my co-workers said I look like Jim Carrey in the movie Mask and everyone had a good laugh. I will try to return them and get my money back. Those teeth are a joke. How can dentists be allowed to sell them?”
Back to where I left off:
NBC tried to help me and reported that in order for my appliance to be readily available, a dental manufacturer had to step in to help. After I contacted all the dental manufacturers to help me develop equipment to simplify construction and they all refused (my appliance would cut into the big profits made on crowns and veneers) and I was unable to find dental technicians to help me construct the appliances, (most capable partial denture dental technicians already left the dental industry), I decided that it's time for closure and left the dental industry myself.

Arvid Saunaitis


At August 12, 2008 at 9:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came back into dentistry after being out 25 years and I am very dissapointed...The young dentists are money hungry and have no ethics nor do they care to.. Its all about money
Donna RDH


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